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Who’s Tariq Nasheed? Bio-Wiki: Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Son, Parents, Married

Who is Tariq Nasheed?

Tariq Elite, King Flex, K-Flex are Titles of Tariq Nasheed. Tariq Nasheed is a media character and an American movie producer. Tariq Nasheed acquired his fame from composing his famous novel Dating and Locating Girls. Tariq Nasheed is someone who provides Ted Talks and speaks on occasions schools. Tariq Nasheed visits schools and campuses around the subjects of gender and relationship

Personal Life

Tariq Nasheed transferred from Detroit where he dwelt in Birmingham, Alabama in a really tender age. Then he moved out to Los Angeles California at age 17 to earn a career in the media sector. Tariq Nasheed enjoys to travel all over the world and research people and their cultures and behaviours.

Career Development

He composed his own screenplay about relationships and dating, and he also wrote a book that turned out to be a game changer for him. He became really powerful after writing the novel and ended up writing more novels about connections. Tariq Nasheed likes to call him that the match adviser where he means he can only advise people to play with the match, he will ‘t play the match for them. Tariq Nasheed composed a publication “The Art of Mackin” which sold about 250,000 copies. Tariq Nasheed also wrote novels about Gold Rush and a whole lot more. Tariq Nasheed is currently coming up with his own perfume lineup known as Risque Elite, and he’s also likely to have a no matter designer sunglasses lineup.


Complete name: Tariq Nasheed Nickname: King Flex, K Flex, Tariq Elite Birth-sign: Unknown Birth Place: Unknown Residence: Los Angeles Age: 43 years Occupation: Writer, Film Manufacturer Education: Unknown

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: African American Religion: Unknown Father’s name: Unknown Mother’s name: Unknown Marital status: Married Wife: Peanut Nasheed Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: None Hobbies: Unknown Pet own: Unknown

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 1.96m Weight: Unknown Body: Unknown Hair Color: Black Eye Colour: Unknown Shoe Size: Unknown Measurements: Unknown

Net Worth and Salary

The 43-year-old writer and filmmaker possess a net worth of $2.5 million.

Quick Summary

Tariq Nasheed is a guy in the world that is . A guy with 6ft 5inch of stature and six-packed bod isn’t finding it difficult to obtain a great deal of fans from the world. Tariq Nasheed transferred into Los Angeles at a really early age and began his career here in the press sector. He’s been working hard travel assessing people for several years. Tariq Nasheed eventually came up a book that altered his entire life. His book about sex, relationships, gold diggers was quite real and became remarkably common. He’s got a gorgeous character, and consequently he managed to begin a career for a man or woman who provides Ted talks to individuals. He’s quite famous for his inspirational speeches, and he goes from school to school and gives his addresses. Tariq Nasheed made the string Hidden Colors that was very common. Tariq Nasheed has also written novels for female readers in the view of a guy ‘s thinking and action. Tariq Nasheed has outdated his now wife for decades, and they eventually decided to get married. Tariq Nasheed’s spouse is a former American version. Tariq Nasheed wed his wife in 2014 once they’ve been together for seven decades.


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