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Who’s Rich Piana? Bio: Body, Death, Net Worth, Wife, Wedding, Diet, Family, Mother

Who is Rich Piana?

If you’re interested in bodybuilding, then you’ve probably already heard of Rich Piana. Rich Piana is a bodybuilder, celebrity and a favorite YouTube celebrity. He became popular with submitting his work out videos on YouTube. Rich Piana has over 900 000 readers and he’s won several bodybuilding contests. Within this article you’ll discover more about Rich Piana along with his life. You’ll also find something out about Rich Piana’s individual life that has been quite turbulent lately.

Early Years

Rich Piana was created at California on September 9, 1971. His mom, who was likewise trainining at the fitness center, was a large inspiration . Rich Piana confessed he has taken steroids because he was 18. He began to shoot steroids he failed to put in his very first contest. He began with carrying testosterone and Durabolin and that he had been carrying 1cm of every medication each week. With this number of medication, Rich Piana gained approximately 12.5 kg in just 8 months and 10 kg has been the muscle mass. Though these drugs are dangerous and bad, they aided Rich Piana eventually become the winner in several contests. He chose to be a businessman, when he was 22. He began saving cash and it helped him begin his own enterprise. More about the career growth of Rich Piana you may see below. If you’re considering how Wealthy Piana has got his net worth of 3.1 million bucks, you should keep on reading this report.

Career Development

Rich Piana’s initial contest was when he was 15 years old. As we’ve mentioned, Rich Piana isn’t merely a bodybuilder, but in addition actor and author. He’s also appeared in a television show, for example Ripley’s Believe It or Not and NBC’s Scrubs. Rich Piana has a extremely fixed workout program. While he’s currently 46, Rich Piana is quite rigorous in their own working habits. Additionally, he’s strict in his or her meals. It’s understood that Rich Piana eats 9 meals every day and he’s also taking protein shakes along with other nutritional supplements. Rich Piana has his very own supplement company that is known as 5 percent Nutrition. These tasks have aided Rich Piana turned into a wealthy businessman. He could buy anything he wants and his net worth is roughly 3.1 million bucks. When he became wealthy, he purchased property in Texas and he now lives in a large mansion. Additionally he has a fantastic group of expensive cars and he’s his personal trainer.

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Personal Life

We’ll tell you something about their connection and their union first. Rich Piana was at a relationship with Sara just 3 months until they got married. Sara Heimisdottir was a young woman from Iceland and she’s also devoted to bodybuilding. They wed in the Mr.Olympia expo at 2015. Their wedding was quite original and distinct from the rest of the weddings. Rich Piana invited everyone to his wedding service. Everything in their union was nice and they were an ideal couple. Sara Piana created a post about his divorce and she clarified the situation from her own perspective. Sara Piana states she enjoys and she’ll love Rich Piana, but it’s advisable for them to be split for a while. When they function as a staff, it’s extremely hard to be the very best in their own profession. They would like to show themselves as people, so that they chose to take a while apart. It helps them achieve their objectives. On the other hand, the view of Rich Piana differs. He had been silent for months, but he published his announcement. At the start of his statement he states he feels awkward to tell the actual cause of the divorce. Rich Piana asserts that Sara got married because of his money and to find the Green Card. While they were in union Rich Piana discovered that Sara was moving the cash from his accounts to the accounts of her household in Iceland. This manner Rich Piana discovered that Sara is stealing money . Rich Piana resides in a huge house that’s well known for its beautiful decoration. The home is adorned with quality and valuable furniture. It’s also a large swimming pool plus Loaded Piana loves swimming along with his loved ones members and friends. Among Rich Piana’s favourite hobbies is riding bicycles. It’s understood that Rich Piana has a fantastic group of bicycles, including Triumph, Harley Davidson fat , etc.. Rich Piana also enjoys wearing watches. Rich Piana is a large inspiration for bodybuilders. Rich Piana is a idole of several young men who wish to become bodybuilders. They’re seeing his movies and they’re learning . Another interesting truth is that Rich Piana is quite considerate and kind. He never misses the opportunity to satisfy his fans and he’s always prepared for selfies. He’s also posting selfies together with his lovers around Instagram and Facebook. It’s an wonderful actuality that Rich Piana has 46 decades however he us very busy and he’s working hard daily.


Complete name: Rich Piana Nick Title: Mr. California Date of birth: September 26, 1971 Birth sign: Libra Age: 46 years old Place of Arrival: Northridge, Los Angeles, California Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States Occupation: Bodybuilder, Youtuber, Celebrity Education: Unknown

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Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Father Title: Unknown Mother Title: Unknown Marital status: Divorced Ex Spouse: Sara Heimisdottir (Sara Piana) Sexual Orientation: Straight Hobbies: Driving Bicycle Pets: Rich Piana Includes two Puppies. He usually posts images together with his dogs social networks.

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Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 185 cm (6 ft 1 in) Weight: 140 kg (309 pounds ) Body: enormous Hair Color: Blond (dyed) Eyes color: Blue Shoe Size: 15 (His shoe size was 12 and it is 15. It’s brought on by the usage of steroids and growth hormone) Wrist: 9 inches Forearms: 18 inches Arms: 23 5/8 inches (Rich Piana declared that his aim would be to get his forearms the exact same size as his throat, which he eventually realized.) Distinctive Characteristics: enormous body with tattoos, large hands that look totally unnatural

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Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $3.1 Million (It’s projected that Rich Piana’s net worth annually 2017 is 3.1 million bucks. As we’ve said, Rich Piana isn’t merely a bodybuilder, but he’s also an actor, firm owner and investitor. He’s been in several tv shows and films and he’s also boosting many brands. This ‘s how Rich Piana earned much money)

Social networks

Rich Piana shares his photographs on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Site:

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Fascinating Facts about Rich Piana

However, it’s interesting to mention that his view about steroids. Rich Piana claims that in case you’ve got the option to remain organic or to take steroids, then it’s almost always preferable to remain natural since steroids will damage your body and your wellbeing. However if you would like to be a bodybuilder, you won’t have an option, which ‘s exactly what Rich Piana says concerning steroids. Though Rich Piana claims that steroids are poor, he also states he wouldn’t change anything in his or her life. The steroids also have helped him be among the most common American bodybuilders. He posts his drug-taking programs on the web.

Rich Piana’s Mottos

The motto is the nutritional supplement company’s motto that we’ve previously mentioned. The next motto “One evening you will ” signifies not just bodybuilding but also whatever goal on your life. It usually means you shouldn’t ever stop trying. You need to work daily and think you can do whatever you desire. You have to think in yourself and on your personal qualities. Here is the only means to accomplish all your targets and to be pleased with yourself.

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Quick Summary

As you’ve seen in this guide, Rich Piana is a famous bodybuilder in addition to a favorite YouTube celebrity. He began taking steroids because he was 18. Though the steroids aren’t great for our wellbeing, Rich Piana asserts these medications helped him to become one of the most well-known bodybuilders today. Rich Piana’s love life has been quite tumultuous recently. He had been married with Sara Piana, who’s also a Realtor, however they’ve divorced recently. There are numerous speculations in their divorce, but the truth is they are not together anymore, though they appeared to be an ideal couple. He appeared in many films, which left him more popular. Additionally, Rich Piana is popularly called a prosperous businessman. He’s his own business and his net worth now is roughly $3.1 million. Most significant would be to think about yourself and to not give up. If you think in yourself, you’ll have the ability to accomplish anything you desire.


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