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Who’s Nicole Arbour? Wiki: High School, Family, Son, Single, Relationship, Child

Who is Nicole Arbour?

Nicole Arbour is a comedian, YouTuber, singer, dancer and a performer from Canada, often called World’s Sexiest Comedian. This report indicates all there is to know about gifted comedian Nicole Arbour, her net worth, personal life and social connections.

Early Years

Nicole Arbour was born on the 26 th of June 1985 in Hamilton, Ontario. Nicole started acting and dancing If she was a kid. She had been the Captain of this Canadian All-Star Dance.

Career Development

She starred in the tv show “Howie Do It” in 2009, she has two sisters released along with a music video. Arbour began her YouTube station in 2006, but released only a couple of videos each year. The initial ones who got larger attention of the market at which humor shorts of Nicole acting as Slutty Claus for New Years at December 2008 and in December 2014. Following that, she began publishing new humor movie virtually each week. In the movie she joked about obese people being overprotected by culture. A lot of people took it as a insult asserting the video was filled with hatred towards overweight individuals and that it endorsed fat . YouTube made the movie inaccessible for a little while, claiming it violated the conditions of service. Arbour got fired from a coming movie after the manager Pat Mills watched the controversial movie. Nevertheless Nicole Arbour’s YouTube Channel exponentially climbed and she May 2017 has 405 million subscribers and 46 million viewpoints.

Personal Life

There’s hardly any info on Nicole Arbour’s personal life or loved ones. The titles of her parents have been mentioned nowhere and it’s unknown whether she has any siblings. However she did do you comedy movie with her dad titled “Dad Reads My Mean Messages” where she introduced her daddy just with a nickname Burndog. Arbour had three boyfriends we know of. Following Stanley, Nicole outdated a guitarist again – Matt Webb in the group Marianas Trench — for 2 decades untill March 2014. In ancient 2015 Nicole was dating a fellow YouTuber out of Canada Matthew Santoro for some time.


How I went from disabled and suicidal, to internet sensation…

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Sunday, November 19, 2017


Complete name: Nicole Arbour Nick name: / Date of birth: the 26 th of June 1985 Birth-sign: Cancer Birth Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Residence: Unknown Age: 31 years old Occupation: Comedian, YouTuber, singer, dancer, Celebrity Education: Unknown Awards: /

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: Canadian Ethnicity: White Religion: Atheist Father Title: Unknown Mother Title: Unknown Brother Title: Unknown Sister Title: Unknown Marital status: Single Ex-Boyfriends: Travis Stanley, Matt Webb, Matthew Santoro Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: / Hobbies: / Pet Very Own: /

Appearance that is Private and Measurements

Height: 175 cm (5 Ft 8 inches) Weight: 65 kg (143 Lbs ) Body: Fit Hair Color: Blond Eye color: Blue Shoe Size: Unknown Measurements: 91.5-68.5-89 cm (36-27-35 inches) Dress size: 40 (EU) 8 (US) Size size: 34 B Particular Characteristics: Voluptuous body

Arbour 2020

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Net Worth and Salary

Nicole Arbour as a celebrity, comedian and YouTube character has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

Confidence: It’s not in my hair extensions although let’s be real… that colour match is 🔥 It’s not in the accidental (seriously) massive cleavage in this shot. And it’s not even the bomb makeup that I totally didn’t do. …it’s in knowing who you are, and living in THAT ish! When I see a pic of me giggling like this… I’m proud af. 🤓 Because I’ve been through the shit… and if you can be broke, or disabled, or depressed, or get fired, or dumped, and somehow rebound smiling like a mofo anyways KNOWING you’re going the right way: THAT is where real confidence comes from. I’m cool with saying what I feel and f*cking up sometimes, I’m cool with being the girl who will talk to anybody even if they can’t do anything for me, and I’m cool walking away from anyone who says “Is she always like this?!” as anything but the pre cursor to a giant high five. 💁🏼 #GOTEAM (Comment what makes you confident) #NicoleArbour #IsMyName

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Social networks

Instagram: (@ibnicolearbour) Facebook: (@NicoleArbourfans) Twitter: (@NicoleArbour) Snapchat: / Youtube:

Fascinating Facts about Nicole Arbour

Back in January 2016 Nicole’s ex-boyfriend YouTuber Matthew Santoro submitted a movie claiming he was emotionally and physically abused by Arbour. Santoro said Nicole was jealous she tapped him to isolation from family and friends. Nicole responded stating that he had been attempting to use her to capture attention on his YouTube station. Arbour is a massive fan of superheroes, comics and animations. Her desire is to produce a comedian of her own.

I smile, nod, and bite the inside of my cheeks 💁🏼

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Quick Summary

Nicole Arbour is Named World’s Sexiest Comedian. She’s tens of thousands of followers on social networks along with also her YouTube station with less than 100 movies has over 45 million viewpoints. Arbour is a multitalented charismatic amazing woman who got significant publicity following a contentious comedy movie she produced in 2015 known as “Dear Fat Folks ” where she mocked fat folks, asserting society was way too protective . Now her net worth is estimated at $350 million.


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