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Who’s McJuggerNuggets? Bio: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Brother, Dating

Who is McJuggerNuggets?

Mc Jugger Nuggets, born since Jesse Ridgway, is a American YouTube character, actor and manager who eventually become renowned for uploading vlogs and hand-shot movies of his violent and dysfunctional family named “Psycho collection “, which captured viewers debating when they had been staged or actual, and obtained Jesse over 3.5 million readers and over one billion viewpoints. “Psycho collection ” portrayed domestic violence through a story of two sisters fighting with each other along with their psychotic father, including technologies such as notebooks and sport gear being hammered out of pure anger and revenge. The story of Jesse Ridgway and his own families grow to fame is filled with turns and twists, puzzle, controversy and it’s a story unlike any other.

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Early Years

Jesse Tyler Ridgway was Created on 29 th of September 1992 at New Jersey, New York , USA since the younger of two brothers. As a kid Jesse revealed interest in acting and took courses to find out a little more about that. He was two years old when he left his very first terror movie and began his own YouTube station. Jesse Ridgway graduated at Rowan University with a diploma in Radio/TV/Film studies.

Career Development

The miniseries that surfaced that the station “Psycho series” was launched in the end of 2012. From the event Jesse’s older brother Jeffrey Jr. captured Jesse’s dad Jeffrey Sr. throwing Xbox violently on the driveway since he was rather mad at Jesse for enjoying video games. Psycho Dad instantly turned into a large happening on the web. Back in “Psycho series” Jesse Ridgway was in the lead character as a qualified gaming devoted man-child who defies his father and proceeds having fun rather than getting work. Jesse’s dad becomes mad and smashes Jesses things in the front of the camera. The elder brother Jeffrey Jr, mom Theresa and uncle Larry also become involved with the battle that contributes to viral movie headlines and incredible TV moments. Every time members of Psycho Family gets more inventive using pranks and anger outbursts: Father axes Jeffry’s notebook, shreds games using a lawnmower; Jesse smashes Dad’s TV, Psycho Father sledgehammers that the Xbox One, Christmas tree becomes burnt down by Jesse etc… The finale of this “Psycho collection ” was uploaded to the 6 th of June 2016 in 2 distinct episodes. The first one revealing Jesse supposedly shooting his dad with a gun and the moment where it had been disclosed the entire series which was filmed as though it were unedited impulsive and fair was actually acted out from the entire Ridgway loved ones, scripted and directed by Jesse. Mc Jugger Nuggets got praised for his performance in the show and sensible acting, but most where enraged from the lie and the contributor count dropped from 15.000. As a result of the series Jesse Ridgway managed to repay his debt. A documentary was made about the Ridgway family as well as also the building of “Psycho collection “, published in April 2017. Now Jesse Ridgway possesses three stations on YouTube creating a collective number of four million readers and 1.4 billion viewpoints. Section from the main station, Jesse possesses RiDGiD Gambling Channel and The Psycho Collection Channel began as a tribute to the show after it had finished at June 2016.

Personal Life

Thinking about the series that made him famous was staged and acted out, it’s difficult to separate real from fiction about Jesse Ridgway’s individual life. Mc Jugger Nuggets includes an excellent connection with his family because they encourage him and consented to behave in his undertaking. In 2013 Jesse was in a connection with Juliette Reilly, but afterwards dated a woman named Kate. Now Jesse often posts photographs with Juliette and they’re seemingly together still. Fans suppose they never awakened in the first place and it was part of the show storyline.

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Complete name: Jesse Taylor Ridgway Nick Title: Mc Jugger Nuggets Date of birth: 29th of September 1992 Birth-sign: Libra Birth Location: New Jersey, USA Residence: New Jersey, USA Age: 24 years old Occupation: actor, Manager and vlogger, YouTube Character Instruction: TV and Film Research at Rowan University Awards: /

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Religion: Unknown Father Title: Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.. Mother title: Theresa Abraham-Ridgway Brother title: Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. (elder brother) Marital status: / Girlfriend: Juliette Reilly Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: / Hobbies: Video Games Pet very own: Dogs

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 166 cm (5 Ft 5 inches) Weight: 67 kg (147 Lbs ) Body: slim Hair Color: Light brown Eye Colour: Blue Shoe Size: Unknown Measurements: Unknown Distinctive Characteristics: /

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Net Worth and Salary

Mc Jugger Nuggets has a net worth of about $ 1.6 million created largely from his job on YouTube. He donates money to charities that take care of children from violent households.

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Social networks

Instagram: (@mcjuggernuggets) Facebook: (@mcjuggernuggets) Twitter: (@mcjuggernuggets) Snapchat: / Youtube:

Fascinating Facts about Mc Jugger Nuggets

Jesse Ridgway got the thought of creating the very first video of “Psycho collection ” out of freak out movies of people blasting stuff which were obviously fake, but quite popular on YouTube. At a recent interview Jesse Ridgway revealed his dad, known as Psycho Dad, works for the authorities, also has been asked questions concerning the videos. Parents wanted to give up the job quite a few occasions as they were revealed as barbarous tempered and bizarre to countless strangers, however on the other hand needed to maintain the facts about it from coworkers, friends and family members. The Family was reported on the authorities by people seeing the station a variety of occasions, even SWAT teams arrived to the home. The staged shooting of Psycho Dad at the last episode was reported on the authorities by 1.000 perplexed lovers that took it to get real. Exotic comments prompted the growth of the narrative to a stage as the storyline was largely created by improvisation and on the move. Jeffry Sr. struck his leg during the filming and at 2014 Jesse struck on his head by accident whilst building a skit, suffering a significant head injury which captured him hospitalized. Each the technical gear that got smashed in “Psycho collection ” was broken or and purchased on line as cheap as you can. The whole “Psycho collection ” includes 684 movies and also the most viewed movie from the show “Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games” has over 35 million viewpoints.

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Quick Summary

American YouTube character, actor and manager Jesse Ridgway, called Mc Jugger Nuggets, retains a collective number of four million readers and 1.4 billion viewpoints about three Channels producing $1.6 million net worth. Jesse Ridgway is famed because of his YouTube collection called “Psycho collection ” that showcased battle with his family , particularly his dad better called Psycho Dad. Series that has been filled with domestic violence and anger outbursts was staged, acted outside and led by Jesse bringing him millions of fans and a significant wealth.


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