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Who’s Hodgetwins? Wiki-Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Kids, Brother, Married

Who is Hodgetwins?

The expression Hodgetwins is associated with Keith and Kevin Hodge, famous twin brothers that became famous YouTube personalities and physical fitness icons.

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Early years

They had been created on September 17, 1975 at Martinsville in Virginia.They would be the youngest in the household because they’ve co a older sister and an older brother. They have been increased in Virginia in very difficult conditions and living in poverty. They frequently shoplifted meals since they didn’t have anything to eat in the home. That type of youth made them ambitious for achievement. After a time, their position improved and both of these challenging twins ended up in school. They graduated and obtained degrees in Accounting and Finance in the American InterContinental University.

Career Development

They worked for an insurance company but they’re not really happy with their tasks. They aimed to get much more, to get a opportunity to work someplace where they can help people more and really make a difference. They decided it’s time for a change so that they began making YouTube videos at the conclusion Keith suggested they ought to quit their jobs and dedicate to creating YouTube videos. Their video was uploaded in their station. The movie was a comedy sketch and the station become a comedy station. They gave commentaries on current events in the nation and attempted to stick to the pursuits of their masses. Afterwards, when they became known and appealing, they began giving guidance in several locations, from connection advices to household agendas. Once they found the major impact of YouTube on individuals, they chose to begin a new station. This time, the station waa oriented in their own fitness and it became the most popular station. It’s nearly 2 million readers today. ” The term was created after they obtained lots of harsh and negative remarks in their movies. As soon as they’ve secured their status as understood YouTubers they began to perform stand-up humor and acting. They’ve travelled all over the world. They mainly use informations in their personal lives, their poverty and past within their dialogues.

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Private life

The twins are unseparable and though they work collectively they also reside in houses near each other. They’re both family men and therefore are in longlasting happy unions. Keith is married to his wife Elizabeth because the spring 2000 and they have three lovely children togrther. Kevin wed his wife the identical season and is the proud father of four kids. On account of their fitness regimen and wholesome living, their kids are pleased to be part of this a healthful lifestyle including good nutrition and exercise. They invest a good deal of time with their kids, attempting to create their youth way simpler than theirs was. They’re pursuing careers in TV and movie area. They’re also businessmen and entrepreneurs: they have their own clothing lines and they have their very own brand of exercise supplements. Hodgetwins LLC is their very own official site at which people can purchase their supplement products, T-shirts, shirts and even wristbands using their catchphrases.


Full name: Keith and Kevin Hodge Nick Title: The Hodgetwins Date of birth: September 17, 1975 Birth-sign: Virgo Birth Location: Martinsville, Virginia Age: 42 Occupation: Private Coaches, YouTubers, comedians Instruction: American Intercontinental University Awards: /

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Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: black Religion: / Father Title: / Mother Title: / Brother Title:/ Sister Title: / Marital status: married Wives: Elizabeth Sexual Orientation: straight Children: Four and Three Hobbies: Travel, picnicks with All the Household Pet Very Own: /

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 192cm/ / 194 cm Weight: 95/98 kgs Body: athletic Hair Color: black Eye Colour: dark brown Shoe Size: / Dimensions:/ Distinctive Characteristics: /

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Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $3 million

Social networks

Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: @hodge_twins Youtube:

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Fascinating Facts about Hodgetwins

Both Kevin and Keith Possess the Certificate of ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) as Private trainers. They aren’t ashamed of the crane for crap food in order that they even post what sort of food they consume in their cheat times: pizza, barbecue ribs and snacks. Kevin is condidered to become relaxed and Keith is believed to be the severe brother. They devised two new phrases as slangs to get a girl ‘s vagina and also a guy ‘s manhood:”sugar ” and “Shrimp suggestion “. Their hottest video was seen more than two thousand times and it’s known as “Hodgetwins you’re Not Black @hodgetwins”. Many black guys publicaly racially plagued the HodgeTwins since they believed they weren’t black but blended, hence the twins created a DNA Ancestry test that revealed that they’re 58 percent black and 42% white. They have been accused several times they are taking steroids and they cannot do half of these things that they claim they perform daily.

Quick Summary

The Hodgetwins is a reciprocal title for twin brothers Kevin and Keith that are famous American comedians, YouTubers and exercise coaches. They’re extremely popular and have their very own brand and products in earnings.


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