Who’s H Jon Benjamin? Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Family, Wife, Salary, Son, Spouse

Who is H Jon Benjamin?

The voice behind a number of most well-known characters today cartoon series like Archer, Family Guy, Saddle Rash, ” The Adventures of Puss in Boots and a lot more is that the brilliant actor by the name of Henry Jon Benjamin. This Massachusetts born and bred gained admiration and critical acclaim performing voice for many different characters loved all over the world. Within this article you’ll have the chance to learn about Benjamin’s early life, his career, his private life. You may read about his net worth, biographical information and a lot more fascinating facts.

Early Years

Henry Jon Benjamin’s birthday is on May 23. He had been born to a spiritual family of religion. Growing up, this affected Benjamin’s later life, which makes him quite spiritual. There isn’t much info readily available to the general public around Benjamin’s early years and youth. It unknown about that school he moved . All that’s known is that he made his degree in 1984 in Worcester Academy. Benjamin revealed interest in performing arts from a young age, but his career began at his twenties.


Benjamin began his profession as a stand-up comic book, in his early twenties, acting Boston clubs. Back then he wasn’t performing independently as far as he had been a part of classes. He started off as a comedy companion into Sam Seder, an American comedian, author, actor, movie director hottest for Who’s the Caboose? Being a special personality he is Benjamin’s man work was traditional, more peculiar and a reflection of Benjamin’s imagination. He’s completed several live jobs over the course of his lengthy career for example Tinkle and a lot more. He made many appearances on television, such as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, in 1999, Cheap Chairs, ESPN Classic’s tv series. Todd Barry featured him Borrowing Saffron, his own movie project. Additional Benjamin’s jobs include characters in Not Another Teen Movie (2001), Rescue me (2004-2011), a FX Network’s humorous series. Though these looks attracted attention to his acting ability, the principal attention of Benjamin’s profession has been voice function. His work comprises a range of cameos in displays like Stella, Yoda and a lot more. Benjamin is famous for portraying Carl in Family Guy and Sterling Archer from the FX series Archer. He also David Cross created Adult Swim’s Paid Programming, but it was finally determined to not be forced into a complete series. Despite his massive victory in doing voice his unfulfilled fantasy was sketch comedy. He got the chance at Comedy Central to fulfill this fantasy, therefore that he co-created Jon Benjamin Has a Van that aired on Comedy Central from 2011 to 2012.

Personal Life

There isn’t much information available about the life of Benjamin . From queries that are private that he jokes his way during interviews. Benjamin never wed, but has a boy called Judah born about 2003, but moreover his title little is understood concerning Jon Benjamin’s kid, or his mom. Benjamin was in a relationship with Laura Silverman. Details about their separation remain unknown to the general public, as details in their connection were. H. Jon Benjamin is now single.


Full name: Henry Jon Benjamin Nick name: Unknown Date of birth: May 23 rd, 1966 Birth-sign: Gemini Birth Location: Worcester, Massachusetts, United States Residence: Worcester, Massachusetts, United States Age: 51 Occupation: Actor, Voice actor, omedian Instruction: Worcester Academy, Worcester

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity Father Title: Unknown Mother Title: Unknown Marital status: Single Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: Judah Benjamin

Appearance that is Private and Measurements

Height: 5 ft 5 in (168cm) Weight: 154 Pounds (70 kg) Hair Color: Dark brown Eye Colour: Light blue

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth6 million bucks Henry Jon Benjamin has a net worth of $ 6 million dollars that he made out of voice acting, behaving cameos, being a tv host.

Social networks

Jon Benjamin utilizes sociable websites to speak with lovers, to talk about his humorous perspective on current affairs, politics and also to express himself. He’s active on Twitter. Twitter:

Fascinating Facts about H. Jon Benjamin

Benjamin has a reputation of an eccentric guy, who blurs the lines between humor and life. His son was showcased in a VICE post, where he said his dad spoke to him British accent just, up until he was nine. He has spoken about smoking marijuana in interviews.

Quick Summary

Among the most common modern era voice actors, active since 1987 is H. Jon Benjamin. The voice of Sterling Malory Archer, chief protagonist of FX community ‘s animated series Archer, Carl, from Family Guy and a lot more personalities, is among the most intriguing, exceptional artists in the market today. His voice is the star of several advertisements which we listen to each day, but it’s with his charm and one of a kind character that H. Jon Benjamin wins the hearts of those viewers.

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