Who’s Burnie Burns? Bio-Wiki: Net Worth, Kids, Brother, Parents, Real Name

Who is Burnie Burns?

Burnie Burns is director, author, producer, host, celebrity and comedian. He’s just one of co-founders of Rooster Teeth. He is chief officer within this provider. He worked with cartoon and live action.

Early years

Burnie was created on January 18, 1973, in Rochester, New York. He had been raised in Houston, Texas. His descents are Canadian and French. At Alief Elsik High School he obtained nickname “Burnie”, since it had been many boys along with his title in his or her class. His decision was to register The University of Texas at Austin, he graduated with degree of Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. While he was pupil, he had been volunteer in movie prodution in Texas Student Televison (called K29HW-D). He had been founder of Sneak Peek. After he become president of teleNetwork Partners, until he shaped Rooster Teeth business.

Career Development

On his this past year on research, he’d aim to create a film. His roommates Matt Hullum and Joel Heyman aided himand in 1997they filmed The Program. The film is seen just in many festivals, since he had been frustrated difficult is procedure for supply. His second job was teleNetwork Partners. In this business he fulfilled Gus Sorola and Geoff Ramsey, and in 2002, they made first viral movie, which was parody called Mac Gamer Swich. This trio continued to operate together. Burns was founder of trailer for tv show Red vs. Blue. This trailer has been released on September, 2002, on, which will be website of the trio. Series Red vs. Blue gained popularity over they had been anticipated. In their eyesight these show ought to be brief, but in the conclusion first year had 22 episodes. Burnie become popular because of his voice function of personality called Churh. In 2004, Matt Hullum and Burnie established The Strangerhood, net collection. This series was associated with game The Sims. In precisely the exact same season Rooster Teeth and Burnie created series P.A.N.I.C.S, that was motivated by video game named F.E.A.R.. In 2009, Burnie composed and Matt Hullum led miniature series Captain Dynamic, which encouraged online game called City of Heroes. This series was obtained by people, so Rooster Teeth and Burnie made new string Rooster Teeth Shorts. This show have five seasons. This podcast has been renamed in September 2011 into The Rooster Teeth Podcast. In Podcast awards January it had been granted for Best Gaming Keyboards. In 2012 he had been executive producer of Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, documentary film about programmers of Minecraft movie game. The following year that he had been executive producer of internet series RWBY, that was made by Monty Oum, employe of Rooster Teeth. In 20014he had been executive producer for Vav and X-Ray. Campaign for movie Lazer Team premiered by Rooster Teeth at 2014. Burnie was among authors, actors and stars in this movie. In 2015 he appeared at Strike and The Outfield.

Private life

On August 2000, Burnie and Jordan Burns Wed. They have two children. Their union lasted a year, and this number divorced in December 2011. Burnie transferred to Los Angeles. On May 2016, he participated his girlfriend Ashley Jenkins.

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Full name: Michael Justin Burns Nick Title: Burnie Date of Arrival: January 18, 1973 Birth-sign: Capricorn Birth Location: Austin, Texas Residence: Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas Age: 44 Occupation: Chief Creative Officer at Manufacturing Firm Rooster Teeth (he’s also producer, Author, actor, Manager, editor, visual Influence Director, comedian, Sponsor ) Education: University of Texas at Austin

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Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White (Caucasian) Father Title: Unknown Mother Title: Unknown Marital status: Engaged Fiance Title: Ashley Jenkins Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: 2 (J.D. and Teddy) Hobbies: Anonymous

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) Weight: 198.42 Pounds (90 kg) Body Dimensions: Unknown Chest Dimensions: Unknown Hair Color: Brown Eye Colour: Blue Waist size: Unknown Hip Dimensions: Unknown Shoe size: Nasty Body: Fit

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $5 million Number of salary isn’t revealed.

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Social networks

Social networks are extremely popular at this moment, so nearly everyone have balances on a social networking. Burnie isn’t exception. He’s page on Facebook that’s followed closely by 32K individuals. Connect of the webpage is: Burnie is also busy on Instagram, in which he’s 99.4K followers, Link of his profile is: His accounts that is active is on Twitter. His profile on the media have 575K followers. Connect of the profile is:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author.

Fascinating Facts about Burnie Burns

Burnie behaves strange when he’s drunk. Occasionally he’s faking to be Catbug, and occasionally he’s Gavin. He’s bunch alter egos, and all them are characters at Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures.

Attended the Renaissance Festival in style.

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Quick Summary

His name is Michael Justin Burns, he obtained his nickname. He had been raised in Houston, Texas. His parents have French and Canadian descents. Initially, he had been volunteer in movie production at Texas Student Television while he was student. Until he formed his own firm Rooster Teeth he had been president of teleNetwork Partners. His first film was created in 1997 by his roommates, it’s term concerning The Program. In 2002 Burnie published trailer for Red vs. Blue, but this series have been recreated and published in 2003. In addition, he created or was among founders in several series, for example: The Strangerhood, P.A.N.I.C.S, Captain Dynamic, Rooster Teeth Shorts. In Lazer Team film he’s among producers, actors and writers. His union with Jordan Burns lasted annually, shape August 2000 to December 2011. They must sons: J.D. and Teddy. After he moved to Austin, Texas, and afterwards he resides into Los Angeles, California. By 2016 he’s engaged to Ashley Jenkins.

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