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Who’s Brittanya Razavi? Bio-Wiki: Son, Salary, Affair, Wedding, Parents, Dating

Who is Brittanya Razavi?

Brittanya Ravazi is an American actress and model. She’s also a business woman who has developed her own line of clothing called 187 Avenue. Brittanya Razavi is a well-known figure in the social websites particularly instagram.

Early Years

Brittanya was created on 7 July in the year of 1985 in Oxnard, California. She had four siblings to develop. Brittanya’s youth wasn’t in any way simple. In age fifteen her father was sent to prison. This clearly indicates that Brittanya Razavi’s dad couldn’t bring about his daughter’s lifetime when she needed her most. It’s also evident from the fact that Brittanya tremendously lacked the existence of a protector in her life.

Career Development

Brittanya Razavi continues to be in the limelight largely because of her very busy status in the sphere of social networking. She’s been called a societal networking star due to the frequent film and movie uploads by her to the stage of social networking. This also suggests that Brittanya is a extrovert person who enjoys to be the buzz of the industry always. Brittanya Razavi became a lot famous in the digital universe of facebook and instagram that she had been offered to play in a reality series termed Rock of Love Bus and Charm School. This was just like a golden chance in Brittanya’s life. The introduction from the tv fact attracted her the opportunity to include on the cover page of several magazines. Brittanya Razavi turned into a very well-known and popular character one of the bulk, so she became the favorite face for several popular magazine manufacturers. Brittanya Razavi did battle much on her route to victory. This can be proven by the very fact that being a amateur from the filming industry did manage to develop at the cover page of as many as eight popular magazines at a really limited period of eight weeks. Brittanya didn’t just excel in the business of acting and modelling but also did venture to the sector of fashion design. She had developed her very own global field of clothing called 187 Avenue. Brittanya’s personal field of clothes not only has attracted her much popularity and fame however, also has improved her net worth.

Personal Life

Brittanya had a very rough childhood as in age fifteen her father was sent to prison. This shows that Brittanya needed to develop protector less. She needed to care for her own problems and virtually had no one to encourage . Inspite of these hurdles the achievement that Brittanya has attained is a really commendable work. Though there were particular controversies in her entire life but nothing so significant that may bog down her spirits. Razavi was sentenced for six months from prison on account of the fact that she had attacked a girl using a pimp chalice. However, this controversy absolutely failed to leave some mark in her career due to the sincere hard work and love she’d placed inside. Brittanya Razavi though associated with a business where folks really like to direct a life without duties after the principle of carpe diem basically, she’s been an exception in this situation. This is since Brittanya was married to a person named Moe Razavi and the bunch has a family of five kids. T his proves that Brittanya though himself belonged to some broken household but she never did endanger or misunderstand the worth of a family members or the significance of being a guardian as such.

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Complete name: Brittanya Razavi Nick Title: N/A Date of birth: July 7, 1985 Birth-sign: N/A Birth place: Oxnard, California Residence: Murrieta, California Age: 32 Occupation: Television Personality, Social media Celebrity, Businesswoman Education: N/A Awards: N/A

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Religion: Christian Father Title: N/A Mother Title: N/A Brother Title: N/A Sister Title: N/A Marital status: Married Boyfriend: N/A Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: Five Hobbies: N/A Pet Very Own: N/A

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 5.3 Ft Weight: 56 kg Hair Colour: Brown Eye Colour: Hazel Shoe Size: 08

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Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $6 Million

Social networks

It is possible to locate Brittanya Razavi on several websites. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:

Fascinating Facts about Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi though continues to be and is going to be the queen of societal websites but her private life indicates that she from her heart of her heart basically attempts a happy family life. The pomp and glory generally linked with this type of profession normally turns out a very simple person in an arrogant and self centered personality but that’s not been the situation for Brittanya. The hardships she has faced in her own life have motivated her to fight and grab victory. Likewise Brittanya has also learned to keep her feet on the ground while she’s on the summit of her celebrity.

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Quick Summary

Brittanya Razavi’s travel until today has been and will be an inspiration for people around the world. Beginning from judgment the social websites before comprising at a reality series and then coming upon the cover page of most favorite magazines, Brittany has revealed that life is all what you make of it.


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