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Who’s Adam Lz? Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Real Name, Wedding, Son, Body, Married, Dating

Who is Adam Lz?

Adam Lz is a YouTube celebrity who became renowned for his eponymous YouTube station. Adam Lz is a BMX rider. He makes videos associated with his riding, stunts, and drifts and makes how-to videos. Adam Lz is proven to have taught children from throughout the world to perform 360s, pub spins, and a lot more things. Adam Lz has his own clothing line.

Feeling the urge to switch things up 🤔

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Early Years

When he was a child, he and his friends use to create YouTube videos of the riding to get their pleasure. Adam Lz was focused on driving and wished to find out new things daily. Adam Lz was created in Connecticut. He climbed up on a farm. Adam Lz’s title is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler. From the year 2016 Adam Lz got married to Nicole Frye who will occasionally be-be found in Adam Lz’s movies.

Career Development

Adam Lz grew up riding BMX. Adam Lz and his friends use to picture each other whilst riding in their BMX and shortly Adam Lz recognized he’s a passion for studying and making others understand about the craft of BMX riding that made him open his own YouTube station. His useful tutorials about how to perform stunts have made him a favorite YouTube celebrity. Adam Lz has partnered with Xtreme Video Network in June 2016. Adam Lz’s YouTube station has evolved a great deal, from BMX driving to speaking about connections to extreme sports. Adam Lz was spotted performing tasks such as drifting and a lot more dangerous stunts in his station.

Personal Life

Adam Lz is a YouTube celebrity who grew up on a farm in Woodbury that is in Connecticut. Adam Lz was in a relationship with his now wife, Nicole Frye. They are married for a year. Adam Lz was a child with a bicycle in his hands and a dream in his heart. At 21 he’s now the hottest extreme sports founders.

In case you missed your daily fix of top mount SR20 turbo noises echoing off the smokey mountains…

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Name: Adam Lz
Home: Unknown
Instruction: Unknown
Age: 22 years Occupation founder
Birthplace: Woodbury, CT
Awards: Unknown
Birth-sign: Taurus
Nickname: Adam

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Title: Unknown Marital status: Married
Mother title: Unknown
Kids: None

Hobbies: performing sports
Religion: Anonymous
Brother title: Unknown
Own: Unknown
Father title: Unknown

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 5 Ft 10 inches
Dress size: Unknown
Dimensions: Unknown
Body: Slim
Eye colour: Blue
Size: Unknown

Weight: Unknown
Distinctive Characteristics: Insulation

Fourth gear manjis at Speedsportz Racing Park at Grand Texas – thanks for letting us play a bit before we go carting!

Posted by Adam Lz on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Net Worth and Salary

The net worth of Adam Lz at 2016 is $600 million. Adam Lz makes his money. He’s a YouTube founder who makes videos concerning varied things. Adam Lz has made $500 million from YouTube together with his movies. Adam Lz’s YouTube station has a subscriber count of 1.2 million. Adam Lz’s YouTube station has nearly 1 billion viewpoints on his movies.

Social networks

It’s possible to locate Adam Lz on several websites.
Snapchat: adam_lz

Interesting Facts

Adam Lz got married to his wife Nicole Frye at 2016. More than 160 people attended the wedding that included family members and family friends of the YouTube . Adam Lz fulfilled his wife at a family function where the two these were still attending, and afterwards Adam suggested to her and they began dating. Nicole is a year old than Adam. Following Nicole and Adam got married her title changed .

First time driving the Z and it feels UNREAL! Today’s video is going to be a good one 🙂

Posted by Adam Lz on Monday, April 30, 2018

Quick Summary

Adam Lz is a 21-year-old YouTube founder who makes money off YouTube by producing articles on his station about varied topics. Adam Lz began his YouTube profession as a BMX rider, and he is into Xtreme sports. Adam Lz’s station has grown up to some contributor count of 1.2 million. The 5 ft 10 inch YouTube celebrity has a nicely kept perfect and fit physique. Adam Lz is among those few YouTubers that are constantly on YouTube Instagram and Twitter too.


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