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Where’s Tommy Sotomayor now? Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Today, Son, Mother

Where is Tommy Sotomayor?

Tommy Sotomayor is a digital tv and online talk show host, movie producer and YouTube character. He became renowned for his YouTube station MrMadness Sotomayor featuring controversial and sensational upload headlines. The station now has over 280.000 subscribers. Sotomayor often comments on political and social problems and is a enormous guys ‘s rights activist. This report features all you want to know about Tommy Sotomayor, his work and life, the controversy he generates and the best way to find him social networks.

Early Years

Tommy Sotomayor was Created as Thomas Jerome Harris at Atlanta, Georgia. There he spent childhood and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Sotomayor is quite private about his previous life. He gives rare advice both on his loved ones or his youth.

Career Development

Sotomayor’s profession is filled with intriguing stories which lent him the nickname Mr. Controversy. His favorite YouTube station premiered in the summer of 2012. Sotomayor immediately began posting videos with contentious headlines such as “15 Children, 1 on the Way, No guy! ” His many seen uploads today would be the ones who have sensational headlines, such as the one titled “Woman Gets Pregnant By 13 year-old Boy! ” Sotomayor now publishes movies on over 15 stations, the most popular being the major station, followed by “TNNRaw2” with 288.000 readers and “Tommy Sotomayor’s Everyday Life” with over 106.000 subscribers. Tommy Sotomayor attracts attention by expressing anger and animosity against African American girls and he proceeds to insult them on his personal site. The website accepts associates and Sotomayor is charging $100 annually to the membership. Website also offers you to purchase sponsorship and seller, or contribute money if you encourage Sotomayor’s viewpoints. Sotomayor hosts the radio series “Your World, My Views”, mixing his comedy and ideas on several interesting topics with continuous crowd interaction. At 2015 Tommy Sotomayor started filming a humor “Drugs & Other Love”, tells the story of an elder sister hoping to receive her brother on medication at exactly the exact same time winning the center of a drug seller. You’d believe Sotomayor’s means of making cash aren’t profitable. However, MrContorversy continues to surprise.

Personal Life

Sotomayor has a girl, also in a single if his movies he maintained he hadn’t known of their kid until he had been known to cover the child support by his own ex-partner. Tommy stated due to not paying the aid, he went to prison. In 2013 Sotomayor presented Miz Lana because his girlfriend, posting photographs of these. Regardless of this, rumor has it that Tommy is homosexual. People today state the sexual orientation of Sotomayor is why he takes out his anger . There have been a lot of opinions about his alleged connection not being for real, but Sotomayor kept quiet on the topic.


Full name: Thomas Jerome Harris Nick Titles: Mr. Controversy, TJ, Mr. Madness, Clown, Glanderson Booper Trade Mark: Tommy Sotomayor Date of Arrival: December 11, 1975 Birth-sign: Sagittarius Birth Location: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Residence: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Age: 42 Occupation: YouTube video Writer, radio and Online Chat show host, Movie producer

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: African American status: Divorced Girlfriend: Miz Lana Sexual Orientation: Supposed to be Homosexual Children: Daughter

Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 180 cm (5 Ft 11 inches) Weight: / Body: slim Hair Color: dark brown Eye Colour: dark brown

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $1.5 million

Social networks

You may find Tommy Sotomayor on networking sites. He’s active on YouTube, were he’s got one chief and over 15 additional stations. Instagram: (@mrkingofcontroversy) Facebook: (@therealtommysotomayor) Twitter: (@SOTONATION1) Youtube: (sotomayortv2)

Fascinating Facts about Tommy Sotomayor

There are not many fascinating facts about Tommy Sotomayor that you didn’t read in the following guide, taking into consideration the man in building a living of being contentious and intriguing. Consequently he’s a guy both despised and honored with equal fire. There are innumerable Facebook pages expressing hatred about the nature and function of Tommy Sotomayor. Back in April 2017, an internet petition appeared planning to get Sotomayor’s videos eliminated from YouTube, based on Ebony magazine. The request asked YouTube to quit hosting Sotomayor’s movies due to his attitude towards African American girls.

Quick Summary

Tommy Sotomayor is an American talk show host renowned because of his YouTube station which includes sensational movie headlines. Sotomayor is a guys ‘s rights activist contentious for maintaining a brutal attitude towards African American girls and always insulting them. He possesses over 15 YouTube channels along with a private site, and hosts a radio talk show. Sotomayor includes a daughter and after had spent some time in prison for not paying the child support. He promised to get a girlfriend however is always rumored to be homosexual.


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