Where’s Carlos Coy today? Bio: Net Worth, Wife, Family, Money, Son, Daughter

Where is Carlos Coy?

Carlos Coy is a musician you might too know as South Park Mexican. He comes in America, possesses a record home and can be a criminal.

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Early years

Carlos grew up in a family that was messed up. His dad, a marine arising out of Texas, spent lots of his time doing matters associated with his occupation. The mum of cody made a decision to stop school to marry him never had a job. He’s got a sister Sylvia who wasn’t just his favourite person on the planet and his sister, but she also needed to be his mommy. Coy got an opportunity to attend an elementary school before entering a school which provides him a opportunity to developed in audio with its own programme. He also attended Woodson Middle School where he got an opportunity to meet Scarface who was also a rapper. He got intimidated from the livelihood when hanging out with him so that he chose to drop out from college while he was in ninth grade, which dates back to 1987. He later chose to test collage, but he never completed the amount that he had been going for. Carlos afterwards worked at a chemical plant that was really badly compensated and he understood he can earn much more cash by purchasing drugs. He has involved in cocaine and crack and that is his dependence and recording begins.

Career Development

He started as a Christian rapper and since he was never really considering it, he soon ceased. Back in 1994, he began to record his own rap and he set his own label with a few of his buddies Jose Antonio Garza who was also out of Tecas. Their tag was known as Dope House Records. Carlos gave himself a point name South Park Mexican and created a record shortly in 1995. His next record, Hustle Town from 1998, was a far greater achievement and it turned into a real Houston jam. In the end of 1998, he chose to print his third record, Power Moves: The Table and this one was followed by additional records. He also won the award for the ideal record for the previous one along with his label home shortly got its award also. In addition, he did Universal releases but those weren’t quite common.

Private life

Carlos is famed because of his criminal record that is apparently never-ending. Drugs such as cocaine and crack, selling bud ans are the most minor crimes in their own or her record. Back in 2001, during fall, Carlos was detained because he sexually assaulted a kid who was just nine years old. Regrettably, the authorities let him go since there wasn’t much proof and that he paid the bond. Afterwards, he had been rumoured to impregnate a woman who was just 13 and afterwards wanted some cash to encourage the kid he made. The moms testified and it had been demonstrated that Carlos is a sexual harassment. In the long run, the court determined that Coy must remain in prison for 45 decades and must cover a particular sum of money also. There are still instances where his fans are still begging for his publishing, but Coy remains in the Ramsey I Unit close to Texas for quite some time more. Carlos also has a spouse, Gina Acosta He’s three children with her.


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Complete name: Carlos Coy Nick Title: South Park Mexican Date of Arrival: October 5, 1970 Birth-sign: Libra Birth Location: Houston, Texas, U.S. Age: 46 Occupation: Artist, rapper Instruction: Welch Middle School, Woodson Middle School, Milby High School, San Jacinto Junior College Awards: /

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: Hispanic Religion: Christian Father Title: Arturo Mother Title: NA Brother Title: / Sister Title: Sylvia Marital status: Unmarried Girlfriend: / Sexual Orientation: straight Children: Carley Coy, Carlos Coy, Jr., Jordan Dominique Odom Hobbies: NA Pet Very Own: NA

Appearance that is Private and Measurements

Height: 5 Feet 5 Weight: 207 Pounds Body: Average Hair Color: Black Eye Colour: Brown Shoe Size: NA Measurements: NA Particular Characteristics: bald head

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $5 million


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Social networks

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Fascinating Facts about Carlos Coy

There are plenty of conspiracy theories theoriesthat SPM had been framer with all of them and that he really didn’t convict any offense. There were rumours that fellow rappers that didn’t like him wanted to catch him out of their way and consequently made sure that he doesn’t escape at a while. A good deal of his supporters have been accusing the authorities for not looking into the situation enough since he was just looking after a woman who felt ill and whom Carlos drove home that night. A number of his supporters even feel that his spouse would be the one which put him to the prison since he was a terrible husband and that way she can devote all his money.


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Quick Summary

Carlos coy is a musician who’s famous not just for his records, but also because of his criminal record. His estimated net worth is $5 million.


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