Where’s Aesop Rock today? Bio: Net Worth, Son, Money, Children, Ethnicity, Salary

Where is Aesop Rock?

Aesop Rock is manufacturer and hip hop star. He had been popular in late 90s and early 2000s.

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Early years

Aesop Rock was Created on June 5, 1976 at Syosset, New York. His name is Ian Matthias Bavitz. He had been raised in Northport, Long Island. Title of his dad is Paul and title of his mommy is Jameija. Ian graduated in Northport High School in 1994. In Massachusetts Ian graduated in 1998.

Career Development

Before rapping Ian had tasks. Ian also enjoyed to hear Fugazi, Dead Kennedys and Ministry, which he fulfill thanks for his brother Chris. Ian also learned to play some instruments such as piano and bass. While he had been on faculty, Ian introduced solo album Music for Earthworms in 1997. With money he earned with preceding record, he published next one in 1999. This record was titled Applespeed EP and it had been recieved great critics at circuit of underground hip hop. Year following his graduation he got deal for his very first album in 1999. Ian published his first record in 2000, titled Float. This is actually the time when he had been employee in gallery. In August 2001 he’d nervous breakdown. The song that’s about this period Among Four” is really on his next record. In 2001 Ian published his next album called Labor Days. Most popular tune on this record is Daylight”, that was re-released due to celebrity in 2002 on following record, with other variation of Night Light”. Song from this record was on 15th location at Unated States Independent Charts. Word is all about tune Labour, which can be observed in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. Production for this record was largely achieved by himself. Afther this he published solitary No Jumper Cables”, following that includes yet another single Freeze”. Another single Build Your Own Bazooka Tooth” premiered in 2004. Particular for this tune was competition in wich individuals had to perform remix with instrumentals plus a cappellas. In 2007 he published worthy track that was span 45 minutes for Nike iPod. At precisely the exact same year he published his second album titled None Shall Pass. In 2009, Ian was manufacturer of Felt’s record, called Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez. In 2012, he published his next record Skelethon. In 2016, Ian published album called The Impossible Kid. Announcement with this record was song art.

Aesop Rock – Klutz (Official Video)

Here is something new – KLUTZ. Occasionally song structure eludes me and it feels good. No problem-solving or pesky hit chorus, just rambling. Klutz is such a moment. I had started a couple things to this beat before sacrificing it to the gods of not-shutting-up, but this seemed a fitting fate. I hope you enjoy it.My longtime video collaborator, Rob Shaw, helped visualize my long-windedness, and I’m excited to have Steve Espo Powers gracing the artwork for the release. Lyrics below. Available now on digital platforms: the limited 7" vinyl and t-shirt from Fifth Element: you.Lyrics: Can’t motherfuck a motherfucker, from the underfunded Klutz who never undercut the butcher, The pick-a-booger-at-your-wake is bumping “I’m your pusher” also at your wake, Juvenile Intruders at the gate, brooding over waking history that bubbles from the blinking 12s of VCRs and Microwaves, like time machines for shrinking elders, rifling through their recipe, carrots, onions, celery, what unique amalgam of piss and repugnant energy spun him out of the 70s, to b-line for dessert? Fire-eater trying to keep it on the green side of the dirt, this is tea-time with the worst, geriatrics on decline of berserk, back in my day we were 3x more alert, now I go through my old clothing trying to find nostalgic threads to sell, walk away feeling like I should have never dressed myself, sincerely I was never on the cutting edge, my hand was on the hilt, you’re free to build with the other end, shriek into the vacuum If in spite of your accomplishments, you wake up feeling empty like Houdini’s grave probably is, volley with the quintessential digital-ager, Im offended by everything, my opinions comes in manger, oh boy, depreciating since they drove me off the lot, still into ghost stories and pot and the classic coconut bra, procedural crime drama shows with holes in the plot, and reminding clones there’s more to coping than a nose full of snot, ah, old pros throw 'bows to the 808, you couldn't throw a rope over a baby gate, bishop to queen 4 in damn Daniels under ram skulls, plan for cloudy with a chance of anvils, fever dreams of padded cells and jagged pills in frozen pipes, socialites from pageant hell with plastic smells and robot eyes, I’m hoping you all grow into the sentience you assume, as your moment of self-reflection is a moment for me too, look, with the steel chair, sure to serve the veal rare, brush up your evasion and basic tactical field care, I was on that constant futile rage before the internet, I been ignored for longer than you’ve been interested, the posse promise you nobody feels threatened by a scarecrow covered in crows who feel welcomed, that’s like hellions thinking hell is just ok but needs some polish, It helps to know intimidation’s all about the optics, come duck a bounty, it's a hoot, Suffolk County it's a zoo, puppy chow and bitches brew, it's not exactly chicken soup, it’s heavy-lifters lifting, it’s ginseng on his whistling, it’s we don’t find the flippancy convincing, 2 for flinching, older yeller, never knew a no-kill shelter in his doggie days, now I draw my neighbors over kouign amanns and coffee stains, a walled and whirling urchin, more observant than audacious, I document the great unwashed and curse in Lithuanian, for a gallery of grifters channeling Sid’s action figures grafted with his little sister’s after markers glue and scissors, it’s trippy, the truth and fiction moving to a center, maybe it’s weirder they’ve never been photographed together, sometimes the stomach disappears from under a retreating lens, and patterns of a need to please abusive folk reveal themselves, I’m peeling back the layers, I’m sneaking past the lasers, I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m a seed to blackened acres, the dogs I think are following me home are out to kill me, your music makes a motherfucker wanna move to Elm Street, rejection of the spirit by the body at your service, if you mess-up every friendship come get swept up in the current, here, wheels fall off of cars when they see him, seas part, green trees march out of Eden, I'm known to eat the heart and keep the archery uneven, are you starting to be part of the kinesis?

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Private life

In 2005, Ian and Allyson Baker Wed. She’s member of group Dirty Ghosts because vocalist and guitarist. As soon as they transferred to San Francisco this couple decided to divorce.

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Full name: Ian Matthias Bavitz Nick Title: Aesop Rock Date of birth: June 5, 1976 Birth-sign: Gemini Birth Location: Syosset, New York Residence: San Francisco, California Age: 41 Occupation: rapper, Artist, songwriter, producer Instruments: Guitar, MPC, Sequencer, Vocal, Bass Guitar Education: Northport High School and Boston University


FridayCourtesy of ESPO's Art WorldStudio of Stephen PowersShot and edited by Matthew Kuborn

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Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White Father Title: Paul Bavitz Mother Title: Jameija Bavitz Brother’s Titles: Christopher T. and Graham Marital status: Divorced Girlfriend Title: Nasty (ex Spouse Allyson Baker) Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: Unknown Hobbies: Unknown

2 Aarons and some lady

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Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) Weight: Unknown Body Dimensions: Unknown Chest Dimensions: Unknown Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Colour: Blue Waist size: Nasty Hip Dimensions: Nasty Body: Moderate

Hot Dogs (Official Video)

New song and video – "Hot Dogs""Hot Dogs" is an audio/video project celebrating the tangents of a delirious brain over the course of a late-night skate to the store. The song was written and produced by myself. The video was shot and edited by Kurt Hayashi, and features the skateboarding of Jake Gascoyne. The three of us collaborated conceptually to bring "Hot Dogs" to the screen.The digital version of "Hot Dogs" is available now for streaming and purchase from your provider of choice. You can also pre-order the limited 7” vinyl version which features both the song and the instrumental, as well as art/design by Jake Gascoyne, exclusively at Fifth Element.100% of the proceeds from "Hot Dogs" digital sales and streaming and all vinyl pre-orders, now thru Nov 23rd, will all be donated to Grind For Life, Inc. – a charity started by skateboarder Mike Rogers after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. The organization's mission is to provide financial support to patients and families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. More info can be found on their website:

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Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2.2 million Salary isn’t revealed.


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Social networks

Ian have his webpage on Facebook with over 200.000 enjoys. His Instagram profile have 70.3K followers. Link is: His Twitter accounts possess 115K followers. Link is: His YouTube station have over 7000 subscribers. Link is:

Digital:" Vinyl Pre-Order:

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Fascinating Facts about Aesop Rock

He’s tattoos on both forearms. On one is composed “Should Not Sleeping ” and about another “Must Warn Others. This tattoos were utilized by him .


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Speedy Overview

Aesop Rock is Platform name for Ian Matthias Bavitz. Their dad name is Paul, and mom ‘s title is Jameija. Ian graduated 1994 in Norhtport High School, also 1998 in Boston University, Massachusetts. While he was at school, Ian has published and recorded his first album Music To Earhworms at 1997. This record was funded by himself. With money he made with this record, he also recorded and printed Appleseed EP in 1999. He got first bargain for album in 1999, so that he published next record in 2000, titled Float. Within another year he’d nervous breakdown. Among Four is tune on next album that is about this age. In 2001, he published album Labour Days, and within another year he printed EP Daylight. In 2003 he published album Bazooka Tooth. None Shall Pass is record printed in 2007. Skelethon is following record published in 2012. In 2016 was printed The Impossible Kid. He wed Allyson Baker at 2005. This couple divorced once they transferred to San Francisco.


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