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What happened to Paige Hathaway? Wiki: Husband, Net Worth, Diet, Relationship

What happened to Paige Hathaway?

In case you’ve got an Instagram accounts and if you devote a good deal of time on this particular social networking, you have to have known of Paige Hathaway. She’s attracted a huge number of fans along with her incredible body and along with her hints ways to acquire this body. Paige Hathaway is a fitness pro and among the hottest YouTube personalities now. She’s also regarded as the hottest fitness icon on net. She became remarkably popular on societal media because of her incredible appearance and her work out videos on YouTube. If you keep reading this guide, you’ll have the chance to learn more about Paige Hathaway and her entire life. First we’ll tell you some thing about her early years and hard childhood and then we’ll speak about her career advancement. Additionally, we’ll explain to you how you can locate Paige Hathaway on social networking sites. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this guide and you’ll be able to understand better this alluring exercise icon.

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Early Years

Paige Hathaway was created on July 31, 1987 at Minnesota, U.S.. Her father was alcoholic and also there was lots of abuse in her loved ones. After her parents divorced, her mom went to Texas to live with a guy who she’d met on net and she took Paige with her. However, the authorities came and took Paige from her mommy. Paige has been attracted to her grandma. Regrettably, it wasn’t the conclusion of Paige’s hard childhood. At the subsequent 13 years Paige Hathaway needed to proceed to foster houses and she spent some time in just two households. She chose to dwell on her own and also to reach her objectives. As you can see, the youth of Paige Hathaway wasn’t simple, but each of these adventures have made her more powerful. It occurred unexpectedly and it was the best thing which has occurred in her own life, which ‘s exactly what Paige Hathaway states. She began with her modeling career and she went to gym so as to find some muscles since she had been too thin. Her coach helped her gain muscles and also make her body ideal. She began with gym when she was 20. Ever since that time she’s a healthful way of life and she’s turned into among the hottest YouTube personalities.

Career Development

Paige Hathaway entered the gym in 2011. She states that she began with fitness since she wanted to change anything and also to get a brand new direction in her life. She began to train together with the well-known fitness coach in Oklahama City and quite shortly fitness became her main passion. Now Paige Hathaway admits that she’s hooked on fitness as it can help you improve your body and your brain, in addition to your lifestyle. The coach encouraged Paige Hathaway to take part in fitness competitions, which changed her life fully. She had been training for approximately 4 weeks until she entered her first bikini contest in U.S. and she won the next place in the Ronnie Coleman Classic. In that time she made a decision to concentrate more on fitness and bodybuilding and she began to create her career more seriously. Additionally, she oversees her private exercise classes right now. Paige Hathaway is quite popular today on interpersonal networks. She found that the real power of their social websites and she uses it to market herself and her job. Additionally, she utilizes the social websites to inspire countless individuals that wish to change their own lives. It’s understood that her photographs on Facebook and other social websites have countless enjoys. In her movies and articles on social websites she boosts weight loss and bodybuilding products.

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Complete name: Paige Hathaway Nick name: / Date of birth: July 31, 1987 Birth-sign: Leo Birth Location: Minnesota, USA Residence: California, U.S. Age: 30 Occupation: Fitness model and Incentive, YouTube Celebrity, bikini athlete, Private trainer Education: Degree in sports medicine Accomplishments: Ronnie Coleman Class C, 2nd (2011) NPC Oklahoma City Grand Prix Class D, 2th (2012) NPC USA Championships Class D, 16th (2013) NPC Junior USA Championships, 14th (2013)

Personal Life and Loved Ones

Nationality: American Ethnicity: White (Caucasian) Father title: Unknown Mother title: Unknown Siblings: / Marital status: Single Spouse name: / Sexual Orientation: Straight Children: Pet: Paige Hathaway includes a bulldog and that she generally posts images with him Instagram.

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Private Appearance and Measurements

Height: 162.5 cm (5 ft 4 inches) Weight: 52.2-56.7 (115-125 lbs) Body dimensions: 38-26-38 inches (97-66-97 cm) Bra size: 34D (She’s a company and stunning breasts because she had breast implants operation ) Hair Colour: Blonde Eye color: Brown Shoe size: 7 inches US Waist size: 26 inches (66 cm) Hip dimensions: 38 inches (97 cm) Body: Paige Hathaway has a great toned body and athletic figure. This ideal body is created by hours and hours at a gym.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2.5 million (Her projected net worth is approximately $2.5 million and also the most important source of her wages comes in social networking advertising and posing.) Annual Salary: $600 000 Monthly Earnings: $50 000 Weekly Income: $12 500

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Social networks

As we’ve said, Paige Hathaway is extremely popular on social networking sites. She’s approximately 3.9 million followers on Instagram and 417 000 followers on Facebook. She’s posting her selfies in addition to her work out videos frequently. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: (@PaigeHathaway) Snapchat: PhFit YouTube:

Quick Summary

As we’ve already mentioned, this social networking star is famous for her fitness and additionally inspirational articles on Instagram along with other social networking sites. She’s her own Youtube station where she places her selfies, work videos in addition to her inspirational chats. You’ve noticed in this article that Paige Hathaway had an extremely tough childhood, but it made her more powerful. She had been persistent and she attained her objectives. She spent hours and hours at a gym so as to become what she is now. After reading this article you may see it is likely to achieve anything you want on your life, no matter where you come from. All issues you might have on your lifetime will make you more powerful. You simply have to think in yourself and your qualities and you’ll make it. Hopefully this report has also inspired you to put high aspirations and also to do whatever you can to accomplish your objectives. Great luck!

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